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Unexpected Happiness

I was recently at a trade show for work and was pleasantly surprised with the vegetarian lunch option was tofu. When I have traveled before it is almost always pasta or eggplant and don’t get me wrong I am grateful to have the vegetarian option. I was simply blown away with this lunch. Vegetables, Tofu and a Mango Salsa, it was delicious.


After lunch I made a point to find the person in charge of the trade show and thanked her for her thoughtfulness. I expressed my gratitude and I think I caught her off guard a little. I told her I wanted to make sure she knew how much a little thing like tofu meant. Let’s all try to be mindful and practice gratitude this week and always.

Gratitude Challenge: Make a point to tell 2 people per day for a week something they did that you are grateful for, even if it seems small. Say Thank You!


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