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My Favorite Foods

I am a true love of food and cooking! The kitchen is my happy place, I have said this before and will say it again! There is nothing like cooking in the kitchen with Italian music in the background or a holiday parade on TV surrounded by friends and family or alone and singing at the top of my lunges. Big or small meal prep I don’t care, I love it! Experimenting with food and being creative is what I feel cooking is all about. I hardly ever cook the same thing the exact same way twice, variety is always better as far as I’m concerned. Today is my birthday so I thought I’d share some of my favorite foods and dishes:

Roasted Peppers in EVOO with Italian Herbs with Bread!! I could eat this everyday!


Sometimes I will top it with cheese and broil it = YUMMY!

Roasted Red pepper Crostini

Grilling Veggies! This is the best anytime of year, it’s so easy and so delicious!

Grilled Veggies

Fruit!! Especially for breakfast.


Bubbly water drinks! This one below has blackberries, basil, bubble water and a splash of cranberry concentrate! I love my Soda Stream! I mix any juice or fresh fruits in the water for a fun and unique drink. Who wouldn’t want to drink this Blackberry Basil Spritzer, it looks delicious!

Basil Blackberry Spritzer

BEETS!! My favorite every, beet juice, hot or cold I don’t care I love them! This is one of my favorite beet salads with spinach, avocado, quinoa and bleu cheese! Delicious!!

Beet, Avocado, Quinoa Spinach Salad

Veggie Sushi!! Hopefully I will be eating some of this for lunch! I love it!

Veggie Sushi

Happy Birthday to Me!




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