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Restaurant Shout Out

I have to give a Vegetarian/Vegan shout out to Agave Bar & Grill in Naples, FL. For not being a vegetarian restaurant they get it! I ordered these amazing veggie fajitas! They were delicious 😉


I mean look at the size of my fajita vegetables, I love that they didn’t just give me the small peppers and onions like most places will do. Thank you Agave for understand your veggie consumers. Another time we were here I ordered something without the chicken and the chef sent the server back to our table to make sure I didn’t ask for it to be vegan because there was cheese on it as well. Again, thank you for understanding and caring about all your consumers!

I love that more places are becoming aware of vegetarian and vegan consumers. I love and appreciate the changes places are making for us. Thank you restaurants! 😉


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