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Fun Photo Day

Today I wanted to share a few fun photos!! I love taking pictures of random food, nature, events, etc.

Nights Sky


This is our breathtaking view after a huge storm cleared out! The Night Sky is so amazing!! I challenge you to stop and sit outside this summer and observe your Night Sky!!



We always have some type of fruit on the counter for a quick healthy snack! Tommy the Turtle decided he wanted some peaches! Summer fruit is delicious, the smells and colors. Feeling the pop of fresh fruit is like a party in my mouth 🙂 Yes I just said that! Take the time to enjoy your food that fuels your body, smell it, look at the colors and taste it, don’t just woof it down, savor and you will feel more satisfied.

Not A schnitzelI love my vegan shirts! The looks I get from people when I wear them is hilarious! I catch them looking and just smile and wave, they usually get embarrassed but if it makes one person think about it, that’s what counts. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let people make you feel strange for being different. Dance to your beat and enjoy it with the biggest smile on your face! 🙂

Pink Flower

These flowers grow in my back yard, they are so pretty and full of color and life! Try to see the beauty each and everyday, in everything that surrounds you. OPEN YOUR EYES!!! You’d be surprised what you see.

Limes with Owl

A friend of mine has a lime tree in her backyard and was so generous in sharing!! Thank You!! I can’t wait to make fresh limeade, lime ice cubs, dressings and marinades…… Love citrus! Thanks again Friend for sharing! What can you share with your friends and family? Just because you have or see it everyday does not mean everyone does, share what is special to you. Garden sharing is so much fun to swap fruits and vegetables.

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week and BE PRESENT!!





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