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Cooking Tip: Sauté Vegetables in Water

Sauté vegetables in water instead of oil or fat; this will help preserve the true nature of vegetables while reducing unnecessary fat intake. Also be mindful of what types of oils and fats are used in different cooking methods. The following are burning temperatures and best uses for oils and fats:

  1. Butter 250-300 F : cooking and baking
  2. Sunflower Oil 225-450 F : cooking, margarine, salad dressing, shortening
  3. Safflower Oil 225-510 F : margarine, salad dressings
  4. Sesame Oil 350-450 F : cooking, salad dressings
  5. Coconut Oil 350-450 F : coating and shortening
  6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375-405 F : sauté, pan fry, sear, deep fry, grill, broil and baking
  7. Refined Canola Oil 400 F : all purpose

Note: Unrefined oils have a lower burning point than refined oils.

Specialty Oil Tip: Infused and flavored oils can be added after vegetables are cooked for additional flavor and helping herbs and spices stick to the vegetables better. Also, portion control is easier at this point in the cooking process to eliminate excess use since these oils can have a higher price point.


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